30 October 2009

Grass Fed

Finally got around to cooking some of the grass fed beef picked up on Tuesday. Shown is half of the piece of sirloin steak with squash medly and mushrooms. Squash etc. sauteed in the grass-fed ghee and a bit of evoo. Several observations about the beef.

It was much more tender than the super-market jockey-whipped horse flesh they peddle. Even before the balsamic marinate, the fork easily pierced the meat. It also cooked a lot faster than other cuts. I had the meat thermo in the center and as I went out to check it, the internal temp was already 143F - past the 130-ish medium rare range. So a bit over-cooked on my part. Must be having an off week, since I forgot to season it as well. All that aside, it was very tasty and have some leftover for breaky tomorrow.

Nothing new to post at the gym. Work demands and other things have kept me away since Monday. Too many food land-mines around lately with Halloween approaching, and I've stepped on a few lately (doh!)

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