31 October 2009

Happy Halloween.

Yes it is the beginning of the eating season. From the sweet-laden Halloween, to Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is no wonder that the New Year weight loss resolutions are so popular. What is scary is the amount of refined sugar that will be handed out today.

Last year we provided low-value kids toys, etc., such as temporary tattoo kits, and such. Some kids didn't take anything and were wondering what the hell was going on. So I told the parents point blank that we were not going to contribute toward the obesity epidemic. Most parents nodded in agreement and others said nothing. Regardless they all know they can just get their fill at the neighboring houses. Oh well.

Nonetheless, hope the kids have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!

Some ideas to hand out to the kids as candy alternatives:

- swedish meatballs

- steak, chicken, lamb tips

- tripe strips

- asic made from beef tallow and lard

- pork rinds

- fish oil tablets

- kettle-bell instructional pamphlets, etc.


  1. Haha!!! Love the alternatives to candy!

    Oftentimes I just hand out change to the kids. But I'll admit selfish motives. 1. I don't have to go to the store and 2. I don't have the temptation of the leftover candy!

    Happy Halloween and Happy anniversary too! :)

  2. My wife and I have the same philosophy about contributing to obesity as well. So we hand out Almond Joys...no kid likes Almond Joy. We're thinking about putting up random scales, BMI, and Bodyfat checkpoints along the driveway as well.

    I do encourage alternatives to HFCS-laden candies also

    - nitrite-free bacon
    - hard boiled eggs (scratch that, I've been egged before and prefer raw eggs to hb eggs)
    - steamed veggies
    - Greek yogurt
    - raw almond bags (from Trader Joes)
    - t-shirts with the saying "Happy Halloween!! I got more chins than a Chinese phone book...and yes, more candy please"