13 October 2009

Schnitzel Misfire and 225 Trifecta Goal

First off with the food pics.

After enjoying the Schnitzel at an Oktoberfest celebration a few weeks ago, I thought I'd try my hand at it. More or less followed this recipe to make the breaded veal cutlets, but used almond meal instead and fried in canola oil vs. lard. Have to say I was not impressed; it turned out fair, but was not the delicacy I was hoping for. Made with some aspragus on the side. The wife is going to get a real recipe right from a friend in der Vaterland, so may be revisiting this attempt.

Tonite's meal was much better with chicken w/balsamic & evoo and grilled eggplant with tomatos and mozzarella.

Did an IF today and hit the gym late today due to work, etc. A lofty goal at the beginning of the year was to hit 225 for bench, deadlifts, and squats. Squats are no problem. Did 225 x 3 on Sunday and actually hit 245 earlier this year. Got 225 x 2 for deadlifts today. Actually did that 1 other time previously this year. Bench is still a problem. I may have squeaked out 195 once late last year, but lately 1RM has been hovering around 175.

Getting back into 1 minute interval sprintts and haven't done a chronic cardio test since the August race. Weight still hanging around 147.


  1. Good stuff Andy!!! Forget about the bench.....what's that good for anyway?

    Please share the schnitzel recipe when you get it.

    3rd mile came in at 7:50 yesterday ;-)


  2. I find almond flour really hard to work with, personally. Coconut flour seems "stickier", and it has more fiber if you like that sort of thing. It also goes a lot farther in that it actually absorbs liquids.

    I'm sure swapping out lard for canola changed the flavor quite a bit. Canola has virtually no taste whatsoever, and it's mouthfeel stinks compared to lard.

  3. Marc - :) yeah I know. It is odd some of the fitness barriers we run across. Anyway, I'll remind the wife that the free world is in dire need of that recipe. Actually it does bug me to have a clunker for a meal when I know it could be better.

    Regarding your running, getting used to that last mile makes a difference. You can look forward to that time drifting downward.

    Flowerdew, thanks for visiting. I hadn't really heard of or seen coconut flour, but it sound great. Especially if cooked with coconut oil! Is that commonly available? I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

    Yeah, the canola oil. I knew i was being risky there. seemed like the it was a good way to kick off the last of it. Big mistake. I completely agree regarding the taste.