26 October 2009

Trader Joe's Haul

Stopped by Trader Joe's to pick up various things. Items of interest include almond butter, unsalted unroasted macadamias, uncured bacon, and Kerry Gold butter from grass-fed cows.

Grilled some turkey filets with flax seed oil. Jury is out whether the flax seed oil is a bad actor. Did up the spaghetti squash a little differently. Prepared and cooked cut-side up and brushed with some melted butter. The squash soaked that stuff right up and really added more of a moist, mellow taste.

Was up at 0430 this morning to drive to Logan airport. Shocking how many cars are on the road at 0500. Also didn't help that two tractor trailers and a car plowed into a toll booth. But that was on the other side of town.
Leftover quiche from this weekend for breaky, skipped lunch but didn't make it to the gym until meathead hour. Place was packed, but I just varied upper body routine to whatever was open. Managed last set of dips with +50lb hanging weight. Went for a slow paced run for 3.0 miles in 23:50. First time in a long while done any chronic cardio.
I was thinking of Smoke since someone nearby had some toxic BO and he had written extensively about someone with that condition at his gym. Thankfully they left after about 5 minutes on the treadmill. Had to laugh at another guy doing 2.0 mph on the treadmill followed by the mandatory ab crunches. Then he hits the tanning booth (what's the obsession?!) and takes a well-deserved shower after that exhausting workout.
At least later in the day there is more comedy, but 5-6pm, the place is jammed. I've given up trying to restack weights as I go. It is hopeless.
148 on scale and tabita said <9%>
Also, local food maven Zach recommended a local place that has grass-fed beef to order, like carte blanche. This is good for us since no freezer = limited space. I ordered a 20 lb sampler platter and will pick it up tomororow. Guy running it is Steve Normanton and he has some good recipes on his site as well.


  1. Andy,
    Thanks for pointing me to the Steve Normanton site. I just watched his beef shank recipe.....very much like I make it, but he gave me some helpful tips. Great stuff.

    I have no Trader Joe's here ;-(
    I miss that store....


  2. I live at Traders! They've got a few varieties of bacon (thick slices), give 'em a shot. I started getting into their Greek Yogurt (full fat) awesome stuff. I have yet to try the Irish Butter, yet.


  3. Marc,

    I picked up beef today and mentioned the recipes on his site. Helpful for the hack cook like me also.


    Yeah TJ's is great. Love the thick-sliced bacon. I just opted for the nitrate-free stuff this time around. I had that greek yogurt (from FAGE) for the first time last weekend. It IS good. Didn't even know TJ's had it, but I'll keep an eye out for it next time.

  4. yumm, i love that almond butter. Spread a little on an apple and I'm a happy camper :)

  5. Kat - funny you mentioned that. An apple with some almond butter is EXACTLY what I had for an after-dinner treat tonite.

  6. Andy, the thick stuff is nitrate free (bonus!!!). Nitrate free is the rule in our household. Now I have to try the Almond Butter w/a honeycrisp apple.

    Another bonus: 3 weeks ago my TJ's started offering grass-fed beef.

  7. Love TJs! I've been going there with my dad since I was a kid and they only sold bulk nuts and wine. haha - it used to be cheap.

    TJs is pretty great for their prices on frozen wild caught fish too.

    I heard it was not good to heat flax oil? Or did you pour it on after you cooked the turkey?