22 October 2009

Various Items

Made one of my favorites, via rolled up balsamic-marinated flank steak with provolone, baby spinach and mushrooms. Was thinking of browning it first, but it was about a 6" diameter cylindrical hunk of meat held together with the last of the butcher's twine: unwieldy. So, no braising per se today. Into oven at 300F for about 90 minutes. Tender and flavorful - another wife-pleaser. Saute/roast cauli with more ghee and some new evoo and garlic. Already looking forward to lunch tomorrow.
Been out of town for a few days on business. Local Marriott did have and exercise room. Where do they get this equipment? I think some of it was designed by ergonomic idiots. Actually some pieces of equipment were damn dangerous with things getting stuck, worn components, etc. Managed to kill an hour or so in there. Tried to burn out the motor on the treadmill, and despite it's high pitched whine of protest, it held true.
Back home and back to the Meathead home base today. Banged out some more 225 squats and leg work. No run. Funny how I saw 1 meathead idolizing himself in the locker room mirror. Big enough guy, but the beer gut is doing well also. Meathead #2 was miffed since meathead #1 was hogging all the time in the tanning booth. People, please! Just take your smelling salts and GTFOH.
Neither meathead looked anything like Sandow (below) who's on the cover of Muscle Smoke and Mirrors. Now that guy looks friggin ripped. Through the first few chapters of the book, describing the Physical Culture and history of body building.
All day IF today and still hovering around 147 lb.

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