29 November 2009

Thanksgiving: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

One of the more interesting Thanksgiving breaks.

The Good:
- Actually lost 3 lb over the Thanksgiving break. Stayed pretty compliant paleo-wise and made a few meals for mom. She took us to a local veggie stand that was amazing. We picked up a bunch of stuff there. Here's a pic of about 1/3 of the stand, below.
- Weather was great in FL with highs in the 70's and 80's
- Managed to score some FAGE full-fat yogurt at the local Publix supermarket
- One day I went out for a run and got lost, but felt like I could run 10 miles. Ended up doing 3.5 in 25:50 according to mapmyrun.com.
- Caught up with the relatives and such.
- My 5 year old nephew powered down a whole turkey leg for dinner on Thanksgiving. Couldn't believe it. Maybe there is some Paleo promise there...

The Bad:
- yeah there were carbs-a-plenty to be had. I think I managed to only have a few nibbles and no pie or cake whatsoever.
- Funny, on the plane ride home, the snack choices were: cookies, peanuts, or pretzels. Why not just say "Carbs with sugar, carbs with bad oils, or carbs with salt". My wife asked if there was any fruit available and the stewardess looked at her like she was an alien.

The Ugly:
- sadly, we were involved in a traffic accident the afternoon after I went for a morning run. We were stopped at a light, but the guy behind us did not stop and slammed into mom's poor civic at approximately 35 mph. Had to go to the ER. Not fun. We're both feeling some residual soreness and pain. I'm just hoping there are no long term issues and that my mom gets everything squared away insurance-wise.

21 November 2009

Thanksgiving Break

Ok - going to take a week or so off from the gym to visit family. May bring the running shoes along to get some road time logged in sunny FL. Been having the urge for some chronic cardio lately, but nothing more than a 5k.

Went to the gym this morning and ran 3 in 23 and change. The chronic cardio is funny. I was positioned next to two people literally jogging on the treadmill. One guy (kinda pudgy) had already logged about 6.5 miles in 70 minutes according to the treadmill. The woman on the other side had already worked up a good sweat, but couldn't see her mileage since she had a towel over the display. So I started off at 7.5mph and ramped it up to 9.0mph by the end. Got off and did a few exercises with heavier weights.

So I'm getting ready to leave after about an hour at the gym and both those people were just getting done on the treadmill. The pudgy guy must have put in 10miles at <6mph. Woman was going a little faster, but just amazed me the time they put in.

Weight at 151 this morning. Been lurking over 150 for the past week or two. I'm not too concerned as my bf% went down last month. The caliper measurement post-holiday will be the watermark.

Anyway, back in about a week. I'm dreading the airports and the re-circulated airplane environment.

17 November 2009

Changes and Home Stretch for 2009

Things have been getting kind of routine at the gym. Been doing the DeVaney 15/8/4 protocol and not much has seemed to improve. Running has been sporadic. Diet has been about 85% compliant Paleo-wise, where it used to be more like 95%.

So, gym wise decide to revisit the 5x5 stronglifts program for a bit for a change. I know that will get tiresome, but I like the idea of emphasizing heavier progressive weights. Been also thinking of bringing a small notebook with me to the gym so I can remember what I do.

And now we enter the dangerous time of year. Technically it probably began before Halloween with all of the sweets available. Now we're really entering the danger zone with year end parties, time with family, etc. If there was ever a time for discipline it is upon us.

Been a good week so far and despite more free goodies at work, I've been pretty good about it. Hopefully this will carry over into next week and beyond with travel and time with some non-compliant family members.

12 November 2009

Roast II

Food Items

Despite the first roast being a bit on the rare side, that was quickly devoured. Shown here is the second roast (sirloin roast). Browned all over, salted, peppered and then into the oven at 225F with pan degazed, little bit of red wine (not enough, ran out), celery, onions.

About 4 hours in the oven uncovered and meat thermo was reading 160F. Obviously more cooked than the previous but a bit dry. And a bit tougher than I would have thought. Not bad overall.
A few slices with ghee-sauteed veggies. Oddly, the roast done-ness was defintely asymmetric. Can't remember which side was more done, but I suspec the liquid side was rarer than the top.

Senya made her famous marinara sauce with meatballs served over spaghetti squash. The squash was especially stringy that doesn't show in the picture.

Tonite I grilled some flank steak from the grass-fed purchase not long ago. Marinated and served with steamed cali. Wife loved it so much she ate the other half. That really turned out well with the sear / slow cook method, but was so thin it was done in less than 10 minutes.
Gym Rants:
Been getting to the gym a little more often and been trying to determine the minimum-meathead hour at some Gold's a little closer to my new office location. Seems like 2-4pm is the optimum time. After the lunch rush, but before the afterwork crowd rolls in. Been killing my shins with deadlifts (should include picture). Wanted to run today, but legs were still sore from squats and deadlifts.
A few more interesting sitings at the gym:
- heard a guy ranting away on his blue tooth in the locker room and wouldn't you know but he kept the thing in as he went out onto the gym floor. Guy was having an animated discussion (hand gestures and all) while doing the mandatory chest and arm exercises.
- saw another guy hitting the circuit training machines wearing a nice dress shirt, pants, and loafers. Now THAT is dedication. He was working up a good sweat too; wtf.
- did an extra set of deadlifts helping spot some guy. He got 205 on the bench for 4 without much problem, a fair amount of help on #5, and then a full on deadlift by me for #6. I couldn't believe he was going for that last one.
- still hovering around 149. Exercise weights haven't gone up in a while. seems like I've been in a funk lately.
- had a few troubles with IF attempts, but am going to stay the course on saying no to all the free sweets available at work.

04 November 2009


Been feeding off of the roast leftovers for two days now. Sauteed some slabs last nite in ghee, tonite in bacon fat. All with leftover veggies. Finally killed the thing after getting a solid six meals out of it.

Gym time yesterday and today. Highlights after almost a week off:
- ran easy pace 3.0 in 23:50
- upper body exercises still at status quo
- went to different Gold's today, what a state of disrepair that place is in. Broken lockers and equipment, but mid-day meathead traffic was down.
- emphasis on squatting deeper, but knee was protesting. Lighter weight (165)
- saw one dude exercising in khaki pants, loafers and a nice dress shirt. What are you thinking, man?
- may try yet a third Gold's tomorrow.

Body weight down to 147.

02 November 2009

9.9%, Rare Roast, etc.

Body fat measurement today, average of 3 measurements:

14.3 abdomen
7.0 chest
7.3 thigh
9.9%, which is actually down a bit from the last two months. Shockingly, the scale was over 150 this morning. No doubt due to the gluttony over the weekend celebrating the anniversary. Here I am on the brunch cruise.

On to the chuck roast (grass-fed, about 3.5lb). Salted and peppered while browning on all sides, then deglazed the pan with red wine, onions, celery and a pepper. Put in the oven at 250F with meat thermometer. After two hours I was shocked to see the internal temp at close to 100F. So, like a dumbass, I turned the oven down and super slow cooked it for the next three hours. Internal meat temp was riding right around 135-140F, so I wasn't too worried. But alas, it turned out extremely rare. Even too rare for my taste. Ahh well, live and learn. But it was extremely tender and the cooked veggies with the red wine were delightful.

No gym time today as I chose to battle the leaves in the back yard until the sun went down while the roast was cooking.