02 November 2009

9.9%, Rare Roast, etc.

Body fat measurement today, average of 3 measurements:

14.3 abdomen
7.0 chest
7.3 thigh
9.9%, which is actually down a bit from the last two months. Shockingly, the scale was over 150 this morning. No doubt due to the gluttony over the weekend celebrating the anniversary. Here I am on the brunch cruise.

On to the chuck roast (grass-fed, about 3.5lb). Salted and peppered while browning on all sides, then deglazed the pan with red wine, onions, celery and a pepper. Put in the oven at 250F with meat thermometer. After two hours I was shocked to see the internal temp at close to 100F. So, like a dumbass, I turned the oven down and super slow cooked it for the next three hours. Internal meat temp was riding right around 135-140F, so I wasn't too worried. But alas, it turned out extremely rare. Even too rare for my taste. Ahh well, live and learn. But it was extremely tender and the cooked veggies with the red wine were delightful.

No gym time today as I chose to battle the leaves in the back yard until the sun went down while the roast was cooking.

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