17 November 2009

Changes and Home Stretch for 2009

Things have been getting kind of routine at the gym. Been doing the DeVaney 15/8/4 protocol and not much has seemed to improve. Running has been sporadic. Diet has been about 85% compliant Paleo-wise, where it used to be more like 95%.

So, gym wise decide to revisit the 5x5 stronglifts program for a bit for a change. I know that will get tiresome, but I like the idea of emphasizing heavier progressive weights. Been also thinking of bringing a small notebook with me to the gym so I can remember what I do.

And now we enter the dangerous time of year. Technically it probably began before Halloween with all of the sweets available. Now we're really entering the danger zone with year end parties, time with family, etc. If there was ever a time for discipline it is upon us.

Been a good week so far and despite more free goodies at work, I've been pretty good about it. Hopefully this will carry over into next week and beyond with travel and time with some non-compliant family members.


  1. Hey Andy,

    Stay strong. As for the gym, switching it up is good. Make it fun in there or you will burn out eventually. Here's my work out from this morning (just as an example);
    5 pull ups
    5 hack squats
    12 decline pushups
    1 minute jump rope

    5 Dips with 45 pounds x 5 (no more then 15 sec rest in between)

    5 dumbell shoulder presses
    45 sec. jump rope

    15 box jumps
    incline chest press (70's)

    Done ;-)

    About 20 minutes non stop moving. Felt good.

  2. One thing I don't like about stronglifts is doing deadlifts for reps....at this stage, that leads to injury for me

    I've been doing 2 workouts a week now 1 BBS big 5 and one devany style using combinations of negatives, hierarchical, some lifting fast a la HIAH, 1-5's etc. I really like this split - I am getting steady progression on the Big 5 TUL/weight and I still get in a more athletic workout w/ the other one.

    I can post the exerices I tend to do if you want.

  3. Marc and Mark, thanks for the suggestions. I've been thinking also about incorporating more non-routine type of exercises (burpees, kettlebells, etc.) into the workout. I like a regimented workout, but also like to mix things up. Maybe I'll just go carte blanche for the rest of the year to keep things fresh.