04 November 2009


Been feeding off of the roast leftovers for two days now. Sauteed some slabs last nite in ghee, tonite in bacon fat. All with leftover veggies. Finally killed the thing after getting a solid six meals out of it.

Gym time yesterday and today. Highlights after almost a week off:
- ran easy pace 3.0 in 23:50
- upper body exercises still at status quo
- went to different Gold's today, what a state of disrepair that place is in. Broken lockers and equipment, but mid-day meathead traffic was down.
- emphasis on squatting deeper, but knee was protesting. Lighter weight (165)
- saw one dude exercising in khaki pants, loafers and a nice dress shirt. What are you thinking, man?
- may try yet a third Gold's tomorrow.

Body weight down to 147.

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