12 November 2009

Roast II

Food Items

Despite the first roast being a bit on the rare side, that was quickly devoured. Shown here is the second roast (sirloin roast). Browned all over, salted, peppered and then into the oven at 225F with pan degazed, little bit of red wine (not enough, ran out), celery, onions.

About 4 hours in the oven uncovered and meat thermo was reading 160F. Obviously more cooked than the previous but a bit dry. And a bit tougher than I would have thought. Not bad overall.
A few slices with ghee-sauteed veggies. Oddly, the roast done-ness was defintely asymmetric. Can't remember which side was more done, but I suspec the liquid side was rarer than the top.

Senya made her famous marinara sauce with meatballs served over spaghetti squash. The squash was especially stringy that doesn't show in the picture.

Tonite I grilled some flank steak from the grass-fed purchase not long ago. Marinated and served with steamed cali. Wife loved it so much she ate the other half. That really turned out well with the sear / slow cook method, but was so thin it was done in less than 10 minutes.
Gym Rants:
Been getting to the gym a little more often and been trying to determine the minimum-meathead hour at some Gold's a little closer to my new office location. Seems like 2-4pm is the optimum time. After the lunch rush, but before the afterwork crowd rolls in. Been killing my shins with deadlifts (should include picture). Wanted to run today, but legs were still sore from squats and deadlifts.
A few more interesting sitings at the gym:
- heard a guy ranting away on his blue tooth in the locker room and wouldn't you know but he kept the thing in as he went out onto the gym floor. Guy was having an animated discussion (hand gestures and all) while doing the mandatory chest and arm exercises.
- saw another guy hitting the circuit training machines wearing a nice dress shirt, pants, and loafers. Now THAT is dedication. He was working up a good sweat too; wtf.
- did an extra set of deadlifts helping spot some guy. He got 205 on the bench for 4 without much problem, a fair amount of help on #5, and then a full on deadlift by me for #6. I couldn't believe he was going for that last one.
- still hovering around 149. Exercise weights haven't gone up in a while. seems like I've been in a funk lately.
- had a few troubles with IF attempts, but am going to stay the course on saying no to all the free sweets available at work.

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  1. Good looking eats - the roast looks fantastic. Too bad it didnt taste as good as it looks.