21 November 2009

Thanksgiving Break

Ok - going to take a week or so off from the gym to visit family. May bring the running shoes along to get some road time logged in sunny FL. Been having the urge for some chronic cardio lately, but nothing more than a 5k.

Went to the gym this morning and ran 3 in 23 and change. The chronic cardio is funny. I was positioned next to two people literally jogging on the treadmill. One guy (kinda pudgy) had already logged about 6.5 miles in 70 minutes according to the treadmill. The woman on the other side had already worked up a good sweat, but couldn't see her mileage since she had a towel over the display. So I started off at 7.5mph and ramped it up to 9.0mph by the end. Got off and did a few exercises with heavier weights.

So I'm getting ready to leave after about an hour at the gym and both those people were just getting done on the treadmill. The pudgy guy must have put in 10miles at <6mph. Woman was going a little faster, but just amazed me the time they put in.

Weight at 151 this morning. Been lurking over 150 for the past week or two. I'm not too concerned as my bf% went down last month. The caliper measurement post-holiday will be the watermark.

Anyway, back in about a week. I'm dreading the airports and the re-circulated airplane environment.


  1. Have fun in FL. You might try popping a few Vitamin D3 gel caps before you get in the airplane environment. Might help stave off some viruses lurking.

  2. Hi Andy,

    where are you going in Florida?

    I'm starting to dis-like my gym more and more ;-(
    The attitude is so thick....it's terrible.

    I think that for xmas I'm going to transform my garage into a gym.

    Don't sweat the travel.....exposure to "bugs" with your immune system will only make it stronger.
    Have some sat. fat before or upon arrival.
    And jeff is right about the extra vit d.
    I'm getting excited for my 5k Dec. 12th. I'm really enjoying running. I combine the run with a walk for total time off about and hour. I walk my dog for half an hour and then run the next half hour.


  3. Jeff, Senya was reading the same advice and we loaded up on Vit D. Also extra sensitive to coughing idiots like the TSA dude who hacked on our tickets, etc.

    Marc, we're between Cocoa and Titusville. Actually heading to T-ville today to see the 6 year old nephew perform in a holiday concert. Good news is mom indicates a super veggie stand in the neighboorhood. We're going to hit it hard.

    Found full-fat Fage at the Publix and almond butter. Absolutely shocked they wanted $17 for the almond butter; no thanks.

  4. Marc,

    I hear you about the gym. The gym garage doesn't sound like such a bad idea. And good luck with that 5k. 12/12....isn't that when the world is going to end? or is that 12/21/12.. w/e.

  5. Enjoy Andy. Maybe try and hit some waves in coco beach. I highly recomend the Ron Jon Surf school.

    I hope the world ends after my 5k. I wanna know what my time is ;-)

    Have a great time! Vacation is a good thing and always over too soon.