30 December 2009

Year in Review

A few stats from 2009 and comparison to previous years.

year / max / min / avg
2005 / 174 / 156 / 165
2006 / 168 / 148 / 156
2007 / 169 / 160 / 165
2008 / 169 / 146 / 155
2009 / 155 / 142 / 148

Body fat (per scale; semi-reliable)
year / max / min / avg
2008 / 13.6 / 11.9 / 12.7
2009 / 10.8 / 8.1 / 9.6

Running miles:
2008: 490
2009: 210
Fastest 3.0 mile: 20:37

2009 bests:
Bench: 185
Squat: 245
Deadlift: 225

I should compare grocery bills as I'm sure that is up. Eating like a carnivore is expensive. A while back lipid panel results were posted in comparison to previous years. Nothing wrong there.

Just starting to think about goals, etc. for 2010.

29 December 2009

Holiday Summary

This kind of sums up the holidays: mostly good, but honestly Santa, I've strayed a little bit. First three weeks of December were especially good, but a little wine here, a little desert here. Oh well. Not all-out-sugar fest mind you, just a little holiday indulgence.

Outstanding sauvignon blanc with clam chowdah:
Parmesian crusted tilapia with lemon butter sauce with capers:
Surf and turf with hollandaise sauce:
And an upside down apple pie:
Pretty compliant Paleo wise the month of December considering the opportunities that were around, especially in the office environment.
Working on a year end summary and goals for 2010.

22 December 2009

Food Backlog

Camera food picture backlog, so here's a few new additions:

Grass fed beef, cilantro frittata with pico. Used some Trader Joe's grass fed beef, but wife and I both agreed that something tasted off about it. Doubt we'll buy that again.

Erno-supplied pork chops with apple chutney and asparagus:
Bison burgers with mango salsa and spaghetti squash:

Old standby london broil, red wine vinegar & garlic marinate. Running late tonite, so dinner wasn't ready til like 10pm...after a mostly IF day:
Picking back up with interval sprints at the gym and reducing time between sets. Also reducing overall time at the gym.
Scored a free scone around lunchtime for my first Paleo transgression this month. Ahh well, going to try to finish the month strong.

16 December 2009

Dodging Land Mines

Well, the eating season is upon us. So far through the month of December, I have stayed 99% Paleo compliant (3 bites of stuffing with the holiday lunch). Tried to bypass the carbs, but the cafeteria staff loaded up my plate. I told the dude serving the turkey "Load me up, bro." But he only gave me 1 extra slice.

The availability of free food this month is astounding including Christmas cookies, soda, no less than three sheet cakes for the holidays (1 retirement party, 1 holiday party, 1 from another meeting), etc.

Did an all-day intermittent fast and was still fasting when I went to someone's retirement party. Only foods available where candy and cake. I was asked no less than 4 times if I wanted a piece. "I'm fine with my water, thanks."

Did make it to the gym today for a quick workout. Actually saw someone else doing dumbell snatches and was impressed. Easy run and a few back exercises, but still not 100% after the accident. Scale still hovering around 150.

12 December 2009

Back over 10% and on the Sidelines

Been on the sidelines inactive recovering from car accident issues. Did make it to the gym yesterday for the first time in two weeks.

Today's body fat measurements:
Ab: 17.6 mm
Chest: 6.7 mm
Thigh: 6.0 mm
BF %: 10.5
Reflects and increase over last month but the same % as two months ago. ah well.

Other food bits of note: Found some coconut flour, so used that for a breading to coat some tilapia. cooked in coconut oil = delightful. Next time, I think I'll prepare a mango or pineapple salsa/chutney to complement it.
More grass fed beef. Got this cut from Springdell farms (Groton, MA). Went there looking for bacon and came back with beef. Got about a 20oz NY sirloin. Only marinated for a few hours but was one of the best steaks I've had in a while. Very tender and flavorful.
This morning's breakfast: eggs, pico and farm bacon thanks to Jeff. Interesting note is that the bacon didn't smoke or leave as much of the usual bacon aroma. Tasty!
Good visit with Jeff. Hammered down the following during his visit:
Caprese salad: destroyed
Approx 3lb marinated/grilled chicken breast: almost destroyed
7egg spinach quiche: destroyed
2lb bacon meatloaf: destroyed
spaghetti squash: destroyed.
Anyway, hopefully back in the swing at the gym soon.
As a side note, been making Dec a 100% paleo compliant month. So far, so good after 11 days, despite the landmines at work.