16 December 2009

Dodging Land Mines

Well, the eating season is upon us. So far through the month of December, I have stayed 99% Paleo compliant (3 bites of stuffing with the holiday lunch). Tried to bypass the carbs, but the cafeteria staff loaded up my plate. I told the dude serving the turkey "Load me up, bro." But he only gave me 1 extra slice.

The availability of free food this month is astounding including Christmas cookies, soda, no less than three sheet cakes for the holidays (1 retirement party, 1 holiday party, 1 from another meeting), etc.

Did an all-day intermittent fast and was still fasting when I went to someone's retirement party. Only foods available where candy and cake. I was asked no less than 4 times if I wanted a piece. "I'm fine with my water, thanks."

Did make it to the gym today for a quick workout. Actually saw someone else doing dumbell snatches and was impressed. Easy run and a few back exercises, but still not 100% after the accident. Scale still hovering around 150.


  1. Brother I feel your pain!!!! ;-)

    Yesterday I had a Xmas party from 1:30 to 3:30.
    Dodged all the bullets, I ate a few small meatballs. I suspect they had some breadcrumbs in them.....but I was REAL hungry from my morning work out. Then I had another party from 5:30-9. (I left at 7). They had lots of food and libations. I had a small scotch and ate, nuts, pate, salami, another type of salami, pork loin and some olives. Left alone the large table of sweets and breads. I was happy ;-) Although 3 ladies asked me why I didn't put the pate on some french bread. New line I use..."I don't like bread" ;-) works much better then getting into the whole "I dont eat " issue
    Have a great day.


  2. Marc, Glad you were able to find at least something to eat. Another few days at work and I'll be trading that free work food for friends and family time.

    Have a good holiday!