22 December 2009

Food Backlog

Camera food picture backlog, so here's a few new additions:

Grass fed beef, cilantro frittata with pico. Used some Trader Joe's grass fed beef, but wife and I both agreed that something tasted off about it. Doubt we'll buy that again.

Erno-supplied pork chops with apple chutney and asparagus:
Bison burgers with mango salsa and spaghetti squash:

Old standby london broil, red wine vinegar & garlic marinate. Running late tonite, so dinner wasn't ready til like 10pm...after a mostly IF day:
Picking back up with interval sprints at the gym and reducing time between sets. Also reducing overall time at the gym.
Scored a free scone around lunchtime for my first Paleo transgression this month. Ahh well, going to try to finish the month strong.


  1. You found grassfed beef at TJ's? Wow, I always look (I'm in there at least 2x a week) and have never seen it.

    How was the red wine vinegar marinade? What's the recipe if you don't mind me asking? I have been looking for new marinades...tired of using EVOO + balsamic. I tried pineapple juice/soy sauce last night and it came out ok though it makes cleaning my lodge cast iron pan difficult.

    Nice pics - great variety of colors!

  2. Yeah Mark, don't know if that GF beef was a bad lot or something, but see how you like it - if they have it. Also, our local TJ's has STOPPED selling the full fat FAGE. :'(

    Anyway, for the london broil I stabbed it about 25x per side with a fork, sprinkled some Montreal steak seaoning on each side and put in a bag with maybe 1/2 cup of red wine vinegar + 3 minced cloves of garlic. Let it soak for about a day. Nothing more exotic than that. And of course the sear/slow cook method to finish.

  3. Our TJ's never had the full fat FAGE. We have to hit whole foods for that.

    I will try out your marinade next time.

    Have a good holiday!