03 January 2010

2010 Start and Lame Turducken

Starting the year off with the Primal Pancakes (made with almond meal, eggs, heavy cream, blueberries) and apple sausages. My wife made these and they turned out real well. Wonder if coconut flour would be a good addition. I imagine it would.
Now we come to the Turducken, which is supposed to be a boneless duck stuffed inside a boneless chicken stuffed inside a turkey. I was searching all week for one at butcher stores, etc., but failed to find one. The local Stop n Shop had a pre-packaged one for $30 (5lb), so thought I'd give is a go.

This thing was completely boneless which was nice. Placed in a ceramic dish with about 1/2" of white wine in the bottom. Salted and peppered the top, added some butter on top. Covered with aluminum foil, added meat thermometer and placed in 300F oven. Pulled out when thermo said 165F. A little pink here and there, but I think most of that was duck bleed-through to the other meat. Regardless a few more minutes in the oven uncovered to brown it.

Well the good news is that the duck and turkey were tasty. The andouille sausage stuffing imparted a nice spicey flavor to the birds. Bad news is that there was about a pound of stuffing and they seemed to forget about the chicken (literally zero chicken to be found). The duck portion was about 3 oz. Kind of lame for a turducken and didn't live up to the billing. However, we have plenty of turkey to eat for the next few days.

Anyway, got on the scale and it said 154 this morning. Body fat measurements as:
Ab: 19.0 mm
Chest: 7.7 mm
Thigh: 7.3 mm
= 11.6% BF.

All on the higher end of things. So I'm assuming that between the holiday fare and the accident-induced reduced activity, things are reflected in the above numbers. On that note, I'm going to brave the gym today and fight the crowds before the Patriots game starts.

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  1. While amusing, I never understood the turducken. Why would someone want to make a meal with so much poultry? I would think they would go the jackalope route and combine a bunch of different animals - maybe stuff a turkey with some pig and cow. Mmmm. Pig and cow.