16 January 2010


Don't know what it is today, but had a great workout this morning and still rev'd up and ready to roll.

Started off with 10 interval sprints, 2min walk at 4.0mph, 1min run at 9.0mph. Plan on slowly increasing the run speed until I max out the treadmill, but haven't done intervals regularly in a while so working back into it.

Then did some 5x5 protocol exercises (re-baselining a log of weights, so they may be a bit light) including:
- deadlifts, 155
- seated rows, 130
- renegade rows, 25, 35
- BB curls, 65
- DB curls, 35
did a few pull ups also, close grip

Regarding diet, I've been on the see-food diet and have added taking a protein shake (nitro-tech from muscle tech) . That's like an extra 40g of protein a day. woooo-hoooo.

Scale up a bit at 156 this morning, but bf% via tanita scale is saying 10.6%. hmmm.


  1. Andy,

    Maybe you were due for a little extra fuel?
    I notice sometimes that when I've eaten more then usual over a few days.....I really crank it in the gym. The opposite is also true...same for sleep.

    Renegade rows with 35#, awesome!!! Thats good weight for those. GREAT exercise by the way.


  2. Thanks Marc, as part of the Biggest Gainer, I've been def upping the caloric intake.