05 January 2010

Back to the Gym Everyone!

Ah yes. The New Years resolutions are still strong which means that the gym is still packed to the gills. Got caught up in a meeting that ran late and didn't make it to the gym until late afternoon. Big mistake. Literally 3 of 30 pieces of cardio equipment not in use and people milling all over the place. Saw about a handful of regulars otherwise a bunch of newcomers with more people signing up at the front desk.

Got me thinking about my favorite gym stories as I saw a few morons about. Some of the milder ones I've seen lately:

a) just today walking across the parking lot to the gym entrance, I hear a truck with glass-packs roaring across the parking lot. It's some jacked up (and beat up) F-150 doing about 40 mph. So naturally he doesn't want his baby scratched, so he parks it sideways in the crowded lot taking up about 3 spots. Grown man with a mohawk gets out and guess where he's heading. yup to my gym! Lucky day! I see him in the locker room and he puts his flannel shirt in a locker and then heads out to the gym with construction boots on. Does the 40 minutes of mandatory bench press and curls, then leaves.

b) saw another guy doing seated rows. The machine is positioned near a wall on one side. Spent the entire time doing rows and watching himself in the mirror.

c) about a month ago there was a guy with a tank-top doing mostly curls to develop his guns. Somehow we ended our workout around the same time. So I go into the locker room and there he is in front of the mirror with this shirt off posing and flexing. I almost laughed out loud since in addition to looking ridiculous, he had this enormous beer gut that wasn't as obvious with the shirt on.

But several of my all time favorites are:

d) From Manny and Keith (two different gyms, but identical scenarios): person doing a set on some type of cybex/nautilis machine WHILE EATING A CINNABON! Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. And even more remarkable that two unrelated people in two different states saw the same thing at two different gyms!

e) From Decarlo and Manny: some dudes bring a video camera to show the world how diesel they are and film their bench presses. Even more impressive is that they bring a piece of plywood to put on their sternums. Guess they brought some smelling salts to get crazy and slapped each other around - getting amped up for the big lift.

f) From Zach: you know those air blowers that are sometimes found around a sink to dry one's hands? Well my friend Zach says he saw a guy at the YMCA buck naked in front of the sink with one foot on the counter flexing while using the air blower to dry his crotch off. I'm serious, this is too bizarre to make up.

In other news, I did back-to-back IF days on Monday and Tuesday and been doing the 3 mile run every other day. Been focusing on spending roughly an hour at the gym and trying a different routine out. More on that to follow, as well as other goals for 2010.

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  1. Andy,
    Like I said...I'm getting close to converting my garage into a gym so I don't have to be around the "strange gym energy".
    I have been trying out a cross fit gym....it's a nice change.