07 January 2010

Biggest Loser? How about Biggest Gainer

The Biggest Loser Rant
Yes we launch into another season of The Biggest Loser. And the contestants get larger time. One guy starting off at 526lb. Ideal weight if one was about 10'6" tall, but he's only 6'3". The sad part is that the guy is only 30 years old. Personally, I try to get calibrated by finding contestants about my height (5'10"). There are two this year: a) Daris, 25 years old/350lb and b) Darrell, 46 years old/420lb. It is getting like The Running Man and I don't think NBC will be happy until someone strokes out.

The Biggest Gainer Proposal
Anyway, I wasn't real pleased with my latest body fat measurement (post holidays) and did a 24 hour IF for 3 of 4 days this week akin to the Warrior Diet. My buddy Decarlo who's been trying to put on weight suggested a contest to try to gain the highest percentage of lean muscle mass. So, I'm game, he's in, his roommate Manny is in, and my bro Jeff said he'd give it a go for The Biggest Gainer. Any other of the few readers want in, just let me know.

The Biggest Gainer Criterion
Simple. At least over the period of time that the Biggest Loser is on the air this round (approx 16 weeks), we're going to see who ends up with the highest gain in lean muscle mass. It would be easy to gain weight by gorging on donuts and ice cream which is why body fat percentage is important. Personally, I don't care if people want to take HGH, or protein shakes, or andro to get there. Actually, it would be interesting to see what works for the 'hard gainers'.

So tomorrow morning, I'll take my weight and body fat measurements (I suggest calipers and this site) to determine percentage body fat and my lean muscle mass. Anyone interested who I don't talk to via text, email, or phone, just post weight and body fat % in the comments section. I'll post the guinea pigs results on Monday and away we go.

Periodic Updates
Usually I take my body fat measurement at the beginning of the month and weight daily. For now I suggest that this would be a good period, but I can do it more often if so inclined.

Can't say I'm thinking about any kind of meaningful prize other than may be a jar of almond butter, ghee or FAGE, but I am open to suggestions.

Anyway, good way to pass the time over these cold New England winters. Let the games begin!

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