11 January 2010

Chowing for Biggest Gainer

Looks like four contestants for the Biggest Gainer. Just waiting for stats from my bro Jeff. Will post all starting weights after that.

Meanwhile a few meals. Filet mignon with brussel sprouts and the mandatory shrooms and onions. All veggies sauteed in ghee.
Chicken tenders breaded with almond meal and coconut flour mix, fried in coconut oil with ghee sauteed squash:
Thinking about using 5x5 workouts for Biggest Gainer as it tend to use heavier weights.


  1. Great meals!

    Go with 5X5 for 2 weeks, then switch to something else for 2 weeks and then back to 5X5 for the remainder. Just a suggestion ;-)


  2. Sounds good Marc. Started doing that today at the gym with some good deadlifts!