27 January 2010

Don't confuse activity with achievement

A) First off, I'll get the food porn pic off: honey glazed pork loin with leftover veggies. Pork turned out fantastic. Cooked with the fat on top to auto-marinate the meat, 325F for about 2 hours til thermo said 160F. Needless to say, this didn't last long in the house.

B) Next, Zach (who is the 5th biggest gainer entry) sent me this LINK regarding barefoot running. Basically, the cushioned shoed runners strike the heel more and have greater incidents of repetative injuries. Go Vibrams!
C) More good abuse at the gym today. Did a 24 hour IF and pressed on at the gym after not making it due to work reasons:
- 155 on scale this morning
- 10 x 9.5mph intervals
- squats, up to 165
- calf raises up to 90
- DB lunges w/35lb
- triceps pulldowns 150
- super set dips and leg rasises.
D) I thought I heard on sports talk radio that Bill Belichick had told his players "Don't confuse activity with achievement." (actually I think John Wooden had originally said this). Regardless, it is a powerful statement that I am continually reminded of at the gym. It's January and of course that means an influx at the gym. But look around and how many are doing some honest work. Lot of people carrying water around in gallon containers or talking on the cell phone - or both.
Does not matter to me too much except to provide extra motivation to really make the gym time a quality workout. Only time it gets to me is when people are lounging around on equipment. Two recent cases come to mind where one guy was chatting away on his cell phone for a solid 30 minutes without doing anything other than precluding anyone from doing any seated rows. Another pair over the weekend was relaxing and having a spirited conversation while occupying the squat rack for 20+ minutes. Of that pair, one of them did 1 set of squats and 1 set of shoulder raises then he went out the door. Does that even count toward going to the gym?
Anyway, next Biggest Gainer weigh in: 2/1


  1. Andy, Good post!

    I actually like to joke around now with some of these gym rats...I tell them, what's with all the "yakking", how about working out a little. They get a kick out of it and it has eliminated the strange stares I used to get.

    FWIW, my work out this morning after warm up;

    70 # dbb incline press x 5
    70 # one arm rows X 5
    1 minute jump rope
    5 times.

    5 wide grip pull ups.
    25 # renegade rows x 5
    1 minute jump rope
    5 times

    No stopping no resting.

    I'm hungry and that pork looks good!

  2. I'm lucky I guess, because a bunch of the guys at my gym (in the morning) are more concerned about busting a good sweat and getting the hell out of there in 60 minutes or less.

    ps. the pork looks far too good...I'm drooling over the layer of fat, you know, the crispy stuff right on the top edge.

  3. Marc, you're home gym idea is growing on me. Been thinking about that more as my Gold's membership is expiring in a few months.

    Nice set. I just moved up to the 60lb db's via 5x5. That protocol def helps get the heavier weights going. 225 deadlift x 3 for me today. Love those renegade rows; did some of those today also.

    I've also been picking up the pace at the gym. Non-stop sweat fest including interval sprints.

    Smoke - i've been also thinking about maybe morning gym time. Fewer meatheads perhaps. At least the diesel teenagers won't be there. Sometimes it's like summer camp with them screwing around.

    The pork was indeed fantastic. And yup, nice and crispy around the outside including the end pieces. mmmmmm.