14 January 2010

How I Roll / Getting Started

I often discuss nutrition and exercise with people, friends, co-workers, strangers, etc. and though I enjoy it, I often find my self saying the same things. I remembered a year ago I had summarized how my wife and I got started and recommended advice. That is FOUND HERE and also HERE.

After digesting that info, there are plenty of links on side written by people who are both more informed and articulate (and also have more time) than me. Browse through them and tune your own program to one that meets your goals. Plenty of food ideas HERE and you'll begin to get the drift: meat, poultry, fish, veggies. It's real simple. Protein and healthy fats plus complex carbs via veggies. Nothing out of a box, no refined carbs, sugars or sweets.

Personally, I think I have the nutrition part down. As I look back on the exercise side, there have been some good periods, but it is a bit status-quo (IMHO). I had played with a bunch of protocols discussed HERE and am possibly still searching for the one that suits my needs the best. But it is my opinion that weight loss/maintenance is 80% diet/20% exercise. Like they say "you can't exercise away a bad diet"

In other news, we got a pineapple cutter from Rosle. I had learned to cut a pineapple a while ago, but this thing makes it easy. It probably gets about 85% of the good stuff and leaves the core and skin intact. Used it tonite to make a fruit salad for a party my wife was having at work.

Hope everyone has a healthy 2010!

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