31 January 2010

Just Some Notes

Standard spinach quiche with with cubed sausage links (easier to brown) this morning. Repeat of previously made, but again turned out pretty good.

Been reading several posts on barefoot running. Seems it has been in the news a lot lately. So for ha-has, I did some interval sprints with the vibrams for a change. I guess I have to do some more reading since I'm a dedicated heel-striker. Not exactly easy to change your running stride to strike further forward toward the ball of the foot. In reality it is probably the reverse that is true; that one may naturally land on the ball of the foot, but by wearing cushioning shoes, etc, it has taken years to develop and shift toward a heel-strike landing.

Anyway, been a pretty good month paleo wise. I'd say 2 days of 31 where I drifted off the reservation during customer meetings. Other than than, been thinking more about keeping the fruit and nut intake on the low side.

Biggest Gainer weigh in after baseline for tomorrow, so I'll post results after I collect all of them.


  1. That quiche looks yummy!

  2. I find that I naturally strike midfoot/ball when running barefoot on hard surfaces and heel first with shoes on. On soft beach sand, I think I may hit heel first.

    I've been messing around with the ChiRunning technique lately - this has you altering your alignment and leaning forward so that you naturally strike the ground midfoot. It feels a bit awkward at this point for me but it does force you to take the impact with your frame rather than your ligaments and muscles. Jury is still out on it...perhaps it will feel natural at some point.

  3. Mark,

    How's the chi running different from the pose method in your opinion?

    I practice the forward lean... it seems to help.


  4. I think some of the mid/ball strike may come down to a comfort level. It is uncomfortable striking a non-cushioned heel. So I do notice that the lean forward method also biases the strike toward the front.

    That vibram-shod running is going to take some getting used to.