24 January 2010

Signs of Improvement?

It's easy to say that the world is going right to hell, given today's society with lack of personal responsibility or accountability, the decay of the moral fiber of society, etc. And obviously there is the food angle with GMO products, HFCS-laden offerings, the decline of the true family farm and rise of the CAFO monopoly.

Then there's the quick-fix / instant gratification attitude that seems quite prevalent. Like the statin commercials "when diet and exercise are not enough" while emphasizing that statins are the only salvation to lower your cholesterol. When people can't lose weight, it's not their fault, just make an appointment with a bariatric surgeon! I must see at least three ads in the Sunday paper for weight loss specialists; but read the ad closer and it is really an ad for the surgery.

However, I've noticed a few things in the past few months that tend to give me hope that possibly there is a slight course correction for society.

a) I read this article in the Sunday paper regarding antibiotics and livestock. Since more and more antibiotics are pumped into our meat every year, the bacteria are becoming more resisitant (shocking!). There is some discussion about eliminating the antibiotics or limiting the uses to treat only sick animals. And this should be no surprise that the major CAFO overlords are in opposition to this (translation: fear of profit reduction).

b) I see more people at my gym doing some sort of high-intensity training. While 80% of the people are mindlessly doing either i) elliptical, ii) bench press, or iii) curls, I see an occassional interval sprinter. More encouragement by clean & jerks, dumbell snatches and more cross-fit type exercises.

c) I've had more people have honest-to-god discussions with mre regarding nutrition, exercise, etc. I know it's January and a lot of resolutions are still fresh, but either my salesmanship is getting better (unlikely) or there is a real increased interest in eating better and leading a healthier life.

d) About four months ago, my friend Zach hooked me up with a local farmer who raises his steer humanely and on grass. When I first ordered meat from this guy, there was zero back log. Second order (about 8 weeks ago) and the back log was a month. I picked up my purchase and he says his backlog is pushing out in to late spring! So obviously there is a market for his services and he had no problem getting up to full capacity.

e) I notice more people taking an interst in movies like Food, Inc., King Corn, etc. And as a result of movies like that I see more outrage / disbelief that our tax dollars are funneled toward a crop that serves as the basis for HFCS which is directly encouraging the obesity epidemic. Meanwhile, there is pressure to shut down the family farm (like Polyface Farm). What's wrong with that picture? Shouldn't the government be encouraging, celebrating, (and subsidizing!) an operation like Polyface Farm and shouldn't they try to change the HFCS / CAFO construct?

Anyway, a few meal pics that were on the camera. Turkey cutlets grilled with broc:

Clam marinara (sp) with spaghetti squash (S made this)


  1. Good take and awesome food pics. Making me hungry.

    Haven't seen much change at our gym. attendence is up, but the weight rooms are empty. everyone in cardio room moving at a steady pace. i hope you are right a change

  2. Nice post. I was surprised when my flatmate went to do aerobics at 5.30am in the morning in a park near where we live. I was even more surprised when he told me it was lots of sprinting, and dragging heavy bags of sand, and throwing things etc. Sounded very paleo!!!

  3. Paleo and primal indeed, Dan. :-)