19 February 2010


Efforts for biggest gainer, exercise, and blogging in general have been derailed for the last few weeks due to work demands, computer issues, and a touch of a rare cold. No doubt that has slow things down for me. Can't imagine those cough drops are low sugar either. Next weigh in will be 3/1.

Anyway, good article about how the population is getting larger as discussed here w/re Airline Seats. Hard for me to believe that Southwest caved in to that fat ass and actually gave him a voucher. Yes, we all must be politically correct now.

Ironically, I took a look at the site mentioned in the airline article (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance ) and though I disagree with their whole 'acceptance' BS, there was a good article on why the Low Fat movement sucks.

Hopefully the blog activity will pick up shortly.

06 February 2010


Quick update on food adventures.

Got a sampler platter of meats from relatives for Christmas and decided to thaw out what I thought were pork chops. Actually I think it was lamb, but still not 100% sure. Anyway salt & pepper and in the oven til temp > 160F. Tried the apply chutney again, but even with 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar, that was still pretty strong. Aspragus in ghee.
Was reading a post from Eat Like a Caveman and opted to try the bacon spinach omelette. Alas, no spinach in the house. But carmalized the shallots in the bacon grease added a nice sweetness to the omelette.
Off to the gym in a few to keep the fire burning.

05 February 2010

Biggest Gainer Update

Been pretty busy at work lately, but at long last are the 2/1 Biggest Gainer updates.

Starting on 1/8 (ish) the stats for lean muscle mass (LMM) were as follows:
Andy: 148.4 @11.3% BF = 131.6
Decarlo: 174 @7.8% BF = 160.4
Jeff: 187 @11.9% BF = 164.7
Manny: 145 @11.6 BF = 128.2
Zach: 209 @12.5% BF = 182.9 (late entry, stats from like a week ago)

Results as of 2/1 (ish)
Andy: 155.0 @10.1% BF = 139.3
Decarlo: 174.9 @7.8% BF = 161.3
Jeff: 186 @ 10.5% BF = 166.5
Manny: 144 @ 11.6% BF = 127.3
Zach: 209 @ 12.5% BF = 182.9

So, percentage wise this sums up as:
Andy: +5.9%
Decarlo: +0.5%
Jeff: +1.1%
Manny: -0.7%
Zach: +0.0%

Interesting. Now for myself, changes I have made since the contest stare are:
- I'm on the see-food diet, but keeping it in the paleo world
- only doing like 1 IF per week
- trying not to skip meals and sometimes powering down and extra serving
- taking some protein shakes 2x day
- interval sprints only (no chronic cardio)
- amping up the intensity with heavier weights and 5x5 protocol
- going to near failure on some sets

Also been thinking that fruit and nut excess is what drives my body fat up or down. Happy to see it drop a solid 1%. Also thinking that my weight was on the low side when the contest started (don't call me sandbagger).

The 5x5 protocol does get someone tiresome, but like last year I'm seeing some benefits. Like doing deadlifts for 5x5 with 185 today and got 225 for 3 for 1 set last week. For me (the a=1, hahahah) that seems to be what helps. To each his own.

Next weigh in 2/15. Between now and then more food pics and Tales From the Gym coming.