19 February 2010


Efforts for biggest gainer, exercise, and blogging in general have been derailed for the last few weeks due to work demands, computer issues, and a touch of a rare cold. No doubt that has slow things down for me. Can't imagine those cough drops are low sugar either. Next weigh in will be 3/1.

Anyway, good article about how the population is getting larger as discussed here w/re Airline Seats. Hard for me to believe that Southwest caved in to that fat ass and actually gave him a voucher. Yes, we all must be politically correct now.

Ironically, I took a look at the site mentioned in the airline article (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance ) and though I disagree with their whole 'acceptance' BS, there was a good article on why the Low Fat movement sucks.

Hopefully the blog activity will pick up shortly.


  1. Yea...Can you imagine that FAT ASS sitting in the middle seat & taking up half your seat for a 6 hour flight. BS!!!

  2. Feel better Andy!!

    Drink lots of hot tea instead of the cough drops.


  3. So much hatred for people of size. I guess you are no different with race, region, and sex either. Im glad I don't deal with any of you in real life. Another blog bites the dust.

  4. pjnoir, maybe you misunderstand me.

    First off, the airline seat issue is a sad indication that the obesity epidemic is growing every day. Just look around. And what is the airline supposed to do if someone doesn't fit in a seat? What annoys me is that they conceded fault in that instance.

    Secondly, my issue with NAAFA is not MY acceptance of them, it is their perceived acceptance of their situation. I could be wrong, but the mindset to give up and not try to improve one's health is something I can not fathom.

    Sure, it is a struggle. Just look at some of the people like Jimmy Moore who have succeeded. I know plenty of people who have gone from large to small, and others who still are making efforts to lose weight. But the ones I have little sympathy for are those who are grossly overweight, yet still make poor diet choices.

    Yet, the overall theme of this blog is really toward improvement in health and fitness through proper diet (as defined throughout this blog) and exercise. It is quite an extrapolation to take a post you misinterpret and to extend that to the rest of my life.

    If you are looking toward improving your health, just check out the links on the right. You don't even have to read this one.