30 March 2010

Biggest Loser & Biggest Gainer Ending

Biggest Loser

A friend of mine had a biggest loser contest at work. It was set up with couples at her place of employment and there were enough people that there was serious cash money involved as a price. It ran about 10-12 weeks and I was in frequent contact with him to see how things were going, offer advice, assurance, and motivation.

My $0.02 was obviously slanted toward the Paleo approach, to not worry about portion sizes or counting calories. Also suggested that he incorporate more heavy, intense lifting for muscle development that burn more fuel. In hindsight, I think he stuck to the diet portion fairly well (by his own admission). He did increase his exercise regiment and was getting a good burn while supplementing that with some running. All while both working full time and with a <1 year old at home.

In the end, he and his wife lost a total of 17.5%. Not as impressive as the unrealistic NBC show, but damn good enough to win first place. Well done Mike and Steph!

Biggest Gainer

Ok, this experiment is coming to an end for now after the 4/1 weigh in. Personally, I just feel like I am adding percentage of body fat points. The semi-reliable Tanita scale has been hovering in the 11+% zone for far too long now. Granted, the last two months have been less than idealic for work-gym balance, personally. However, for now I'm going to focus on returning that body fat % to the sub-10% range.

21 March 2010

Tough Month

On and off frequency at gym lately. It will be like hitting it for 4-5 days in one week followed by 1x the next week. Also gym membership is expiring at my current gym, so I'm looking for something around work that suits my needs.

Diets been pretty good. Haven't had a major excursion off the reservation in a while. Bout the worst thing was having a few Black and Tans to celebrate St. Patricks Day. Tanita scale said 156 this morning and <10% body fat for the first time in a while, so go figure.

Picked up this remote meat thermometer at Walmart. The display is a little cheap, and I constantly have to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. The base transmits up to 1000 feet (so they say), so it is awesome to coordinate meals with it while either at the stove or on the couch when something is on the grill. Really would have come in handy over the winter when the temp was much colder.

Also we watched a program on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC (here is his official site). I really find this facinating and can relate to the struggles he portrays on the telly. Basically, he goes to a grade school in a town that has one of the worst health records in the country and tries to reform the nutrition menu. He starts out by looking at what the kids are fed now and it is indeed revolting.
Obviously, they are conforming to USDA standards which means a lot of refined carbohydrates in addition to almost exclusively processed foods. The old guard from the kitchen staff up through administration, the local radio station, and news paper is reluctant to change and wondering why the hell this guy is interfereing with their 'working' nutritional construct. I'll be curious to see how sucessful he is in upcoming episodes.

14 March 2010


Picked up almost $200 worth of pasture fed beef and pig product from a pretty good place. Cat was most interested in the stuff. Got a London Broil marinating in the fridge ready for the grill this week.
In other news, been watching the scale creep up; hit 157 today for the first time in a looong time. Still riding around 10% body fat (per questionable accuracy Tanita scale). But I'm wondering if this Biggest Gainer thing is really going in the right direction. I'm thinking that I'd really like to get that BF% below 10% and work on the problem ab area (always the highest measurements).

Still doing intervals at the gym, plus some super-strict deadlifts today. Didn't preclude me from mashing the shin again.

09 March 2010

Biggest Gainer for 3/1

Another 11 hour day and despite best efforts to get to the gym, it didn't happen. Just a quick update on things.

w/re Biggest gainer here is how the race is going

Andy - up slightly in weight and body fat. Overall lean body mass increase of +6.5%. But that damn body fat % is hovering between 10 and 11%. Not sure if I should switch to the lean-out approach.

Decarlo - down in weight and body fat. Overall -0.6%. Guy has to bottom out soon at 7.something % bf.

Jeff - last record was +1.1% increase. Big 4-0 coming up for him.

Manny - up 0.5%, but dropped an amazing 2% body fat in 1 month based on proper diet, sleep, increased gym attention; way to go!

Zach - up 0.8% due to slight increases in weight and body fat (like me). Wondering if I'm seeing some correlation here.

I WILL make it to the gym tomorrow. I WILL make it to the gym tomorrow.

Did go a couple days over the weekend. Noting that tried a 3 mile chronic cardio run for a change. Checked my records and have done nothing but intervals since the first week of the year. Ran 3 in 22:31, but it felt pretty labored especially at the end.

Hopefully more to come.

01 March 2010

System Reset

Well, sorta back to normal. Considering February a lost month. Nonetheless, got on the scale and got calipers out for monthly update. Despite a turbulent month results are as follows:

Weight: 156.4, Body fat: 10.4% = lean body mass of 140.1lb which is a slight increase over last month, despite not being happy about the slight bump in body fat %.

Made it to the gym the last few days, emphasizing the oly lifts. Scraped the sh!t out of my shins doing deadlifts, but was happy banging out 185x5x5.

On an interesting note, the gym was offering 7 day passes along with candy and Axe soap. That says it all. Here have some candy before you try to lose some weight! And obviously, I'm the outcast not hosing myself off with Axe.