09 March 2010

Biggest Gainer for 3/1

Another 11 hour day and despite best efforts to get to the gym, it didn't happen. Just a quick update on things.

w/re Biggest gainer here is how the race is going

Andy - up slightly in weight and body fat. Overall lean body mass increase of +6.5%. But that damn body fat % is hovering between 10 and 11%. Not sure if I should switch to the lean-out approach.

Decarlo - down in weight and body fat. Overall -0.6%. Guy has to bottom out soon at 7.something % bf.

Jeff - last record was +1.1% increase. Big 4-0 coming up for him.

Manny - up 0.5%, but dropped an amazing 2% body fat in 1 month based on proper diet, sleep, increased gym attention; way to go!

Zach - up 0.8% due to slight increases in weight and body fat (like me). Wondering if I'm seeing some correlation here.

I WILL make it to the gym tomorrow. I WILL make it to the gym tomorrow.

Did go a couple days over the weekend. Noting that tried a 3 mile chronic cardio run for a change. Checked my records and have done nothing but intervals since the first week of the year. Ran 3 in 22:31, but it felt pretty labored especially at the end.

Hopefully more to come.

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