30 March 2010

Biggest Loser & Biggest Gainer Ending

Biggest Loser

A friend of mine had a biggest loser contest at work. It was set up with couples at her place of employment and there were enough people that there was serious cash money involved as a price. It ran about 10-12 weeks and I was in frequent contact with him to see how things were going, offer advice, assurance, and motivation.

My $0.02 was obviously slanted toward the Paleo approach, to not worry about portion sizes or counting calories. Also suggested that he incorporate more heavy, intense lifting for muscle development that burn more fuel. In hindsight, I think he stuck to the diet portion fairly well (by his own admission). He did increase his exercise regiment and was getting a good burn while supplementing that with some running. All while both working full time and with a <1 year old at home.

In the end, he and his wife lost a total of 17.5%. Not as impressive as the unrealistic NBC show, but damn good enough to win first place. Well done Mike and Steph!

Biggest Gainer

Ok, this experiment is coming to an end for now after the 4/1 weigh in. Personally, I just feel like I am adding percentage of body fat points. The semi-reliable Tanita scale has been hovering in the 11+% zone for far too long now. Granted, the last two months have been less than idealic for work-gym balance, personally. However, for now I'm going to focus on returning that body fat % to the sub-10% range.

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