01 March 2010

System Reset

Well, sorta back to normal. Considering February a lost month. Nonetheless, got on the scale and got calipers out for monthly update. Despite a turbulent month results are as follows:

Weight: 156.4, Body fat: 10.4% = lean body mass of 140.1lb which is a slight increase over last month, despite not being happy about the slight bump in body fat %.

Made it to the gym the last few days, emphasizing the oly lifts. Scraped the sh!t out of my shins doing deadlifts, but was happy banging out 185x5x5.

On an interesting note, the gym was offering 7 day passes along with candy and Axe soap. That says it all. Here have some candy before you try to lose some weight! And obviously, I'm the outcast not hosing myself off with Axe.

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