21 March 2010

Tough Month

On and off frequency at gym lately. It will be like hitting it for 4-5 days in one week followed by 1x the next week. Also gym membership is expiring at my current gym, so I'm looking for something around work that suits my needs.

Diets been pretty good. Haven't had a major excursion off the reservation in a while. Bout the worst thing was having a few Black and Tans to celebrate St. Patricks Day. Tanita scale said 156 this morning and <10% body fat for the first time in a while, so go figure.

Picked up this remote meat thermometer at Walmart. The display is a little cheap, and I constantly have to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. The base transmits up to 1000 feet (so they say), so it is awesome to coordinate meals with it while either at the stove or on the couch when something is on the grill. Really would have come in handy over the winter when the temp was much colder.

Also we watched a program on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC (here is his official site). I really find this facinating and can relate to the struggles he portrays on the telly. Basically, he goes to a grade school in a town that has one of the worst health records in the country and tries to reform the nutrition menu. He starts out by looking at what the kids are fed now and it is indeed revolting.
Obviously, they are conforming to USDA standards which means a lot of refined carbohydrates in addition to almost exclusively processed foods. The old guard from the kitchen staff up through administration, the local radio station, and news paper is reluctant to change and wondering why the hell this guy is interfereing with their 'working' nutritional construct. I'll be curious to see how sucessful he is in upcoming episodes.


  1. Hey Andy,

    I think if you stay "food compliant" ;-) most of the time, that black and tan won't hurt you much.
    don't stress about the workout...keep it random.


  2. Yo Andy,
    Relax man...It's all about enjoying life!!! A couple Black & Tans and a few missed workouts wont kill ya...you'll make up for it. Besides I need to catch up with you!!! I saw that Food Revolution show...I can't believe they demanded there be 2 Grain items on the school menu. Hey I'm heading to Boston on a bus trip with a friend to see Red Sox/Phillies Friday June 11th to June 13th..We have tickets for Friday nights game (We are trying to get tickets for the saturday game)....It would be cool to meet up with you that weekend...try to grab some tickets. Oh yea..how is that(Grass fed)meat you got from the farm?

  3. Greg, don't know how you got Sox tickets, but that's fantastic. Just let us know when you are available to get together. I think we know a place or two in Boston to eat.

    The grass-fed beef is awesome. I made a 2lb bacon meatloaf with it tonite and the wife was quite pleased.