03 April 2010

12% Plus, Ouch

As suspect, the biggest gainer experiment was making me feel fatter. Confirmed through 4/1 body fat measurements of 20mm ab, 10mm chest, 6mm thigh = 12.2%. Ouch. Well that experiment is over w/regard to overeating and protein shakes. Back to just eating until satiety and keeping the food real.

Some food pictures. Near perfect omelette with home made salsa from Zach, and Springdell farm sausage.

Weather was so nice we ate dinner outside last nite for the first time this year. Massive filet mignon from Springdell, with mashed cauli and sauteed yellow and green squash.


  1. Man, that looks good Andy! Interesting note on the Biggest Gainer experiment. I've been ramping up my intake too, simply to have enough fuel for more swimming workouts. So far I've only added about a kilo, but lost access to a reliable set of calipers so not sure about the %.

  2. Hey Richard, I think you can pick up a cheap (<$10) pair of calipers at GNC or on Amazon.com. That's what I use. Good to see you on here.