27 April 2010

Paleo Fest

Been in a bit of blog hibernation lately. Truth is that I've been pretty swamped at work plus my gym membership ran out. Currently waiting for a local Planet Fitness to open up next month and then I'll hit it. Been sponging off some friends for temporary guest memberships in the mean time.

Anyway, had a paleo fest which included bacon wrapped scallops, grilled shrimp, caprice salad, sauteed veggies in ghee, grilled chicken etc. Along with a few non-paleo beers. Well received overall and plenty of food to eat.

Was planning on making this sirloin wrap for paleofest, but people were full enough, so made this for dinner tonite.

Here's my bro Jeff doing some bare foot hiking. Primal.
Seems like body fat and weight are slowly returning to the 11%/150lb range like it was at the beginning of the year after ending the Biggest Gainer nonsense.


  1. Your food looks great

  2. Andy, have you considered getting a moderate-sized kettlebell for home? You can do a full paleo/cardio/strength workout in any room with an 8-foot ceiling. A 16kg kb should be big enough for a full workout while small enough to keep in a corner and it shouldn't scare the neighbors too much when you put it down.

  3. Yo Andy, Bacon scallops look awesome!!! We have a Planet Fitness near us... Can't beat $10 a month. Although I have not checked it out some members at Gold's say there's not a lot of free weights but it's great for mostly treadmill/cardio workouts. Kettlebells are a great workout. I'm on my last week of the P90X so I'll be hitting the gym again. Still searching for a local farm to pick up grass-fed beef. The one I did find has a year long wait. Should have some nice weather to ride the bike this weekend. Later!!!

  4. DT: thanks
    Richard: that home gym/workout is always in the back of my mind. Saw some kettlebells at Sports Authority and am half-tempted to pick up some
    Greg: try eatwild.com to find some local grass fed beef. Keep it up with the p90x!