03 June 2010

Fishing Trip Fallout

Ok, haven't been to the gym in a month due to expired membership and work demands. Coupled with guzzling beers on a boat and eating from interstate rest stops equals a new record.

Weight up a little 155, but 6/1 body fat measurements are unfavorable
ab: 25 mm
chest: 12 mm
thigh: 10mm
15.5% body fat. super ouch

New gym expected to open 6/17 plus corporate 5k in 8 weeks plus motivation. We'll see what we can do about improving these numbers.


  1. Yo Andy,
    Do what you can until the gym opens even if its just a few pushups/situps/burpees or sprints. I've been slacking a little also with all the Flyers games (We have tickets to all the home games) and our shore house opened May 1st I haven't been to the gym much and some non Paleo meals/too many Beers But I find myself going total Paleo the next day. Sent you a message on Facebook...my cell is 484-880-3939 hopefully we can hook up but I know those Sox tickets are a little pricey. My friends brother in law setup this trip so I don't know any details like what hotel we're staying at yet. Talk to ya later....GROK ON!!!

  2. You must not let the gym membership thing drag you down. You can mix up your pushups (close, medium, wide, and off-center hand position) for better general upper body develeopment. Also bodyweight squats are effective for maintenance.

  3. Hey Andy,
    Hope all is well. Did you start training for the 5K?
    Have a nice weekend.


  4. Hey Greg - sorry we didn't hook up. Maybe next time we're visiting my brother.

    Richard - thanks for the input. Seems like I may have to do something while waiting

    Marc, I ran (slowly) 4x last week and am just getting back into it. I have about 8 weeks, so not sure if i'll be ready at this rate while working 12 hour days.

  5. Don't wory about it and just enjoy it.
    Go out there and have fun.
    Sorry to hear about the 12 hour days...that kinda off interferes with the whole fun thing ;-)