24 July 2010


Think the 12-14 hour days are at an end. Next week will be system reset time and time to get back on the horse.

Shown are some new purchases: The wife's Vibram Bikilas, and my Nike Free Run+.

The Bikilas are best described as like the KSO's, but with additional pads on the soles. They are not too raised - maybe 1/8" inch, and the purist may say they have too much sole. However, they really dont deviate much from the goal of breaking away from the free style shoe. The pads are independent and the side wall is still minimalist. I would suspect the remainder of the shoe will wear out long before the pads.

I am digging the Frees. Planned on doing some sprints in them this week, but (ironically) twisted my knee doing sprints with my old running shoes (Mizuno Wave Rider 11). So hoping the knee recovers soon. Discomfort still lingering.

Anyway, way back I was running with Asics GT-2110, which were fine. Then, I got the Mizunos. I thought my Mizunos were light when i got them a few years ago (11.2 oz), but the Nike Free Run+ are specified at 8.4 oz and I believe it. These things are like air. We'll see how it goes with running, but they may be a good intermediate step to getting used to sprints with my Vibram Sprints.

Also picked up some bison bacon, shown below from Yankee Farms. The stuff is wicked lean and second go around in cooking it, I had to add a little bacon grease to lubricate the pan. Has an interesting taste. Slightly gamey, but good. Regular pork bacon still carries the day regarding taste, though.
Weight drifting up into mid 150s and not looking forward to body fat measurement for August.


  1. Welcome back Andy!

    Ive tried "beef bacon" ....I think they need to make up different names for these kind of products...they don't taste like bacon ,nothing will.....so with a different name I think people wouldn't have the expectation of it.

    Glad your long days are almost done.


  2. You should try the chicken bacon - now that actually tastes like bacon ( Tegel puts it out down under in NZ)

  3. Marc - thanks for the support as always.

    Round - that is interesting, i have tried the chicken sausage. Several of the local stores have it and I agree it has a pretty good flavor. But I will keep an eye out for chicken bacon. Sounds great.