10 August 2010

Some Pics, etc.

Been getting back into making some solid meals - or rather taking some pics of the more interesting ones.

Found these softball-sized, round green squash at a local farm stand. Stuffed them with browned grass-fed ground meat, onions and topped with a bit of cheese. Into the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes or so and POW - dinner.
One of our favorite grass-fed sources has outstanding strip steak. I think this one is a T-bone, but it was outstanding also. Topped with sauteed onions, shrooms plus steamed brocoli.
Near-perfect 4-egg omelette stuffed with pico de gallo and a bit of american cheese.

The farm that has the grass-fed beef also had a few real-free-range chicken broilers. Roasted that with some veggies on the side. What was surpising was how small the bird was when it's not raised on growth hormones. Managed to be a decent size for two. Seems like Cornish game hens are a little chunkier. But about 1 hour at 325 and it was super moist. Coated beforehand with butter, salt, pepper. Shot of lemon juice into the cavity. Skin was more browned on the far side since the bird tended to list to port.
In other news, MRI confirms my knee is messed up for sure. Follow up appointment with orthopedic surgeon later this week. What will be interesting will be to see if I can get my body fat back to the normal range without humpin on the treadmill. The last two months of humpin on the computer at work have certainly taken their toll on pushing that BF% up a few points.


  1. Food looks great. Sorry about the knee...

  2. Bad news about the knee, but I guess you expected it somewhat at least.

    Quick question on the omelet. Did you use a non non-stick pan? How the heck did you do that? If I could find a way to make eggs in a standard, uncoated stainless steel pan I would chuck my teflon coated pans.

  3. @Mark - where you been bro? I'm going to try that brining sometime soon.

    @Jeff - I did not use a non-stick pan. I found that coating the pan with butter does wonders. It actually works much better than bacon grease.

  4. Assuming interest in blogging again will come in the fall....

  5. Looks Great Andy!!! I got to get back to cooking some good Paleo meals..been slacking a little lately...although I just made some free range chicken with Trader Joes Pineapple Salsa with Squash cooked in GHEE. Sucks about your knee especially during the summer. Hope it doesn't keep ya off the track for long.

  6. Keep those pictures coming!!!!