07 September 2010


Ok, been slacking posting updates for the last month or so. So standard food p*rn pics for those who care:

Ordered this salad at Pizzaria Uno of all places, but duplicated it myself the other night. Consists of spinach salad, watermelon spears, blueberries, red onion, goat cheese, walnuts and a splash of evoo. Top with balsamic if desired = fantastic.
Finally picked up some real farm bacon from my favorite spot. Halfway through the 4 lb order. Interestingly, the jar of bacon grease has contributions from store bought bacon (bottom) and the more naturally raised pig (top). Interesting stratification. Draw your own conclusion.

Paleo scramble with roasted cauli. Grass fed beef, bacon, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms. Quick, filling, satisfying.
Other updates. Knee outlook not good. "significant" tear most likely means surgery within the next month. Actually it is an old injury that has just got worse and worse. Still trying to get to the gym several times per week.

One of the interesting parts is that since I am unable to do really any cardio exercise, i will have to rely solely on proper diet to drift back to my usual 150-ish weight and back to single digit body fat numbers. Stay tuned.

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