02 October 2010

Post Op

Ok 10/1 body fat measurements:
ab: 24 mm
chest: 12 mm
thigh: 10 mm
bf%: 15.4%

Still higher than what I'd like. I still advocate that a high percentage of fat loss etc is dependent on diet, but to get below that 10% threshold mandates a certain level of activity. So this summer was a big miss due to one thing compounding on another. Like a two week hedonistic beer guzzling vacation in May/June which rolled into insane work hours through July which rolled into knee injury and subsequent surgery.

After work calmed down, seemed like things were trending in the better direction when the knee injury occurred. Gym time was down and there were a few occassions of drifting off of the paleo reservation.

OK, so knee got scoped, and stiches come out tomorrow. Finally getting around without crutches; still hobbling at a reduced pace. Wont be doing any sprints or squats for quite some time still, but plan on getting my ass back into the gym more faithfully and clamp down on diet miscues.

Got 3 weeks til vacation in Hawaii, so have to look decent for the pics! :)

One thing I am scratching my head about is picking a exercise modality. BBS? 5x5 stronglifts? Return to Devaney 15/8/4? Huge in a hurry? Even after hearing all the arguments and trying them, I still struggle to find one that fits how I roll.

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  1. I've been doing a lot of body weight stuff lately (Tacfit Commando 2.0) - love how I can do it anywhere. It's pretty darn challenging.

    One problem with my workouts since I discovered DeVany was that there was no structure - it's been great following a program the last few months. Definitely seeing progress and improvements.