03 December 2010

December Challenge

Utter madness at work over the past few months. Knee recovering well from surgery. Only been making to the gym about 1x/week and started doing about 0.5 miles of walking. Had been revisiting the old Devaney 15/8/4 protocol and had seen some gains. Been so sporadic at the gym, I am unworried about falling into a routine.

Interestingly, despite zero cardio since July (5 months now), through stricter adherance to proper diet the body fat percentage has been falling a bit. I think in October it was around 15%, November 14%, December readings 13.5%.

So made it thru Thanksgiving with minimal fallout from all the temptations. Obviously the month of December is a challenge for all. So this month I am seeing how long I can do 100% Paleo compliance. Meaning zero refined carbs and obvious sweets. I am taking a break from dark chocolate, dairy, fruits and nuts. While the latter are less non-compliant, for me the fruit and nuts seem to keep that body fat up.

Going to be very busy at work thru the end of the year, so gym time will continue to be sporadic at best. A few good food pics lurking around on the hard drive from Hawaiian vacation, so I'll post those when I get a chance.

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