20 December 2010

Food Pics, Dec Challenge Update

Pretty standard issue quiche I make about once a month. Vary the recipe a little here and there but the basics are:

Preheat oven to 350F.
Fry 4 strips of bacon. When done remove and let dry on paper towel.
Sautee half an onion and some mushrooms in bacon fat.
In a large bowl, add 2cups of shredded cheese, and some chopped spinach (about 4-6oz, I usually get some prepackaged stuff there)
Crumble up bacon and add to cheese and spinach.
When onions are carmalized and shrooms are done, add those to bowl: mix together.
Grease a 9" pan with butter lightly.
Then I sprinkle maybe 2-3 tablespoons of almond meal and shake pan so it sticks to sides and bottom; this makes a small but effective crust.
Add spinach/cheese/bacon/onion/shroom mix.
Then take 6-8 eggs and beat them separately.
Pour ontop of mix in pan.
Put in oven for 45-55 min until top start to turn brown.
Top with tomatos if desired and enjoy.

Beef roll up with cheese, spinach, bacon + sauteed squash:

3 lb chuck roast seasoned and awaiting braising followed by slow cook in crock pot. Didnt' take pictures of the final product but there was none left after dinner.
So, on to the December challenge. I have cut way down on fruit, nut, chocolate intake. And of course tried to avoid the Holiday pitfalls. Cant say I have been 100% compliant as a relative's wedding derailed me for a day or two, but nonetheless scale is indicated about a 4lb drop in weight and 1% drop in body fat. Calipers will tell the tale in a few weeks, but it is interesting.
Getting back to the gym a little more often as the major crunch at work has finally passed - like a kidney stone. Doing a little bit of treadmill time and the knee is feeling good. Maybe 90% recovered; still erring on the conservative side.