29 December 2010

Making Strides

Ok, not quite the success with the super strict December challenge, but the worst has been a few more nuts and more dark chocolate than usual. Also interesting is how much caffeine that chocolate has. The stuff keeps me up at nite making it tough to get to sleep. Yet another reason to dial that back. But overall, been a little better than average all considered.

Knee rehab coming along. Did some light squats yesterday along with some leg presses and lunges. Muscles were limiting factor as they have not seen those exercises in 5 months. Feeling it today, but still erring on the conservative side.

Also, before getting back into sprints, been doing some easy treadmill work. Mainly consisting of 0.25 mile walk at 4.0 mph + 0.50 run at 6.0 mph + 0.25 walk at 4.0 mph. Been expanding the running section time each time.

What's more interesting / challenging is transitioning to running solely with the vibrams five fingers. Been tough transitioning from the heel striker slap to ball/instep strike. Think I am finally getting the hang of it. Yesterday's effort definitely felt more natural landing on the mid-foot and ball. And the sound of the strike on the treadmill was more like a THOCK THOCK THOCK as opposed to previous heel striking SLAP SLAP SLAP. Feeling the effort much more in the calves than the quads.

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