01 March 2011


Been taking it easy over the winter here, but March 1st is my traditional game to get off my @ss. Think that comes from years of running where from Nov-Feb the outdoor activities are limited here in the northeast.

Body Fat measurements this morning: ab/chest/thigh -> 20/8/8 mm -> 12.4% body fat at 150 lb.

Also want to shout out to a cubemate who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Check out her blog here:

Heather's Update Spot. Wishing her the best thru the start of this difficult journey.


  1. Hey Andy,
    Just got back from our trip to Grand Cayman which was awesome but slipped a little off the PALEO Diet (Damn Banana Pancakes!!!) and only managed 1 run on the beach the whole week but body needed a week off since I started rotating some INSANITY videos with gym workouts. Great cardio work out. Starting to warm up here so hopefully we're done with the snow!!! Hope all else is good with u and Senya. Prayers go out to your co-worker. Catch up with ya later....Greg

  2. Andy,
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    I just ordered some....got the discount from Nell Stephenson's blog (She helped with The Paleo Diet Cookbook with Loren Cordain).

  3. Andy - How is your training coming? I see that you haven't posted in a while....just curious. Keep it up!