21 March 2012

System Reset

Thought I'd put my thoughts down on the proverbial paper. Cant believe it has been over a year since posting. Lot of crap happening including job change, house sale, house purchase, relocation, broken foot, etc. Lot of stress for sure. All settled in to a new home and position now been trying to get back into the swing of things.

So over the past year, cant say I was the gym rat of old, and eating habits drifted a bit. Mostly paleo still but a few more cheats than the usual.

A few changes of note.

- last month I started working out with a personal trainer via the high intensity training advocated by Doug McGuff in Body By Science. I tried this a while ago (the slo mo protocol) and didnt seem to resonate with me. Working with a trainer who tracks everything has made a huge difference. Talk about pain. My gawd, it is 10x as intense with a trainer vs trying to do it myself. Doing this 1x/week and weights and times are showing improvements.

- after talking with my spiritual advisor Jeff (http://ernoj.blogspot.com/), I re-examined the nutritional side of things. In his post here (http://ernoj.blogspot.com/2012/03/recent-fat-loss-experience-and-eye.html), he makes several excellent points and highlights what he calls Paleo trip-ups. I think I have hit every one he mentions, such as over-indulgence in nuts, fats, oils, booze. To that end, I have started using myfitnesspal (http://www.myfitnesspal.com/) to track the nutritional value of the food consumption.

Last week was a baseline week to see if I ate 'normally' albeit a bit liberally, how the macro-nutrient panel summed up. It was pretty eye opening to see it. I am still 'digesting' the data as it were. On a quick glance, it looks like not enough protein, too much fat, and overall too many calories to be in any kind of 'cutting' phase.

This week the goal is watching and tracking the nutrition more closely with the limitation on fatty foods, bad foods (of course) and striving to hit around 1g protein/body weight. That last item is really challenging. To that end, we've loaded up on cans of fish of all sorts and chicken.

Next week is incorporating an off HIT workout day and adjusting the food intake as needed. Speaking of food, the grill is calling.