04 April 2012

Food Studies

Been playing around with myfitnesspal now for a bit. Being a data geek, I find it useful to dump the nutritional data into excel to look at trends, see food breakdowns more closely, etc.
But as a background. A few weeks ago I calculated my total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), based on age, height, weight and assume I lead a slug-like activity level. For me that results in a TDEE of 1900 kcal. So now assuming 25% below TDEE on rest days = 1425 kcal. Also assume that I am shooting for 1g protein per lb body weight = 150g protein per day and at 4 kcal/g protein sets target protein intake of 600 kcal day. Now for fat and carbs, assume equal split for remaining calories = (1425-600)/2 = 412.5. With carbs = 4 kcal/g = 103 g/carbs per day and fat having 9 kcal/g yields 46g fat per day. Or in summary:
So the great thing about myfitnesspal is that you can tailor it to whatever targets you want. It only increments the target percentages by 5%, so I set it up for 40/30/30 protein/carb/fat. After baselining, it was eye-opening to see the results.
So first week was a baseline - pretty much paleo, then there were a couple days of family get togethers where the results were off the reservation. But the last few weeks are settling in.
What's most difficult is the goal of 1g protein/body weight. To hit this I've had to supplement my meals with a protein shake usually daily. Had some old NITROTECH (rawwwr) in the cupboard, so been working my way through that. Would like to find something with fewer additives, but I feel that will be an ongoing search.
With eating, one can eat carbs and fat with no problem, but finding that protein while keeping the fat down is tough. I'll comment more on that later, but that's the latest.